Alliance Services

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Approximately two-thirds of all alliances fail to meet their full set of stated objectives.

StarNet provides individual services designed to address the five common faults of alliance design.

  • Innovation Network Mapping: A mapping of the innovation ecosystem from which potential partners are identified.
  • Value Analysis: A structured analysis of the cost/benefit potential of an alliance in achieving organizational objectives.
  • Partner Recruitment & Due Diligence: A prioritizing of potential partners according to their strategic and technology interest matches, and then assessed against their “compatibility” criteria.
  • Facilitated Alliance Negotiations: The facilitation of agreements on an alliance strategy, R&D plan, organizational plan (legal structure, functions, governance, implementation) and ongoing dispute resolution.
  • Alliance Management: The provision of management and operations services including:
    o Executive Director Services
    o Governance Support
    o Operations Management, e.g. Meetings, Communication
    o Financial Management
    o Project Management & Reporting
    o Contracting and Accounting
    o Intellectual Property Allocation & Valuation
    o Regional Economic Development Integration