Can We Help You?

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Innovation alliances are right
for a minority of any organization's needs.

Do any of these requirements apply to your organization?

  • Industry Disruptive Innovation- Is your organization looking for disruptive innovations at an industry-wide scale?
  • Open Innovation- Is your organization looking for an open innovation model? 
  • Systems Innovation-  Does your organization need to develop and deploy a systems solution
  • Organizing Existing Supplier Partners-  Does your organization need to formalize supplier partner relationships into a collaborative innovation structure?
  • Coopetition- Is your organization seeking a strategic level model that balances innovation cooperation and competition?
  • Scaled Economic Development- Does your regional economic development strategy or organization need to formally organize its innovation clusters?

If you find yourself saying "Yes" to any of these requirements, let's begin an Exploratory Dialogue.  Contact Us to get started.