Managing Director

StarNet LLC operates under the orchestration of
Managing Director Paul Masson. 

Paul has 30 years experience in financial syndications, start-up companies, technology partnerships, and multi-party innovation alliances.  At StarNet, he leads a network of alliance experts and partners.


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Paul A. Masson, MBA  co-founded the consulting network Strategic Alliances Resources Network, (StarNet, LLC) in the mid-1990’s with the objective of building innovation alliances that bridge government, industry, small technology firms and financing sources. Paul Masson created the methods and a track record for this emerging field in the 1980’s while a project manager at three Silicon Valley startup companies, and the financing firm Babcock & Brown. He expanded the method in the early 1990’s while Director of Technology Commercialization for American Technology Initiative (AmTech), a small non-profit in Silicon Valley under contract to the DOD and NASA.  While at AmTech, Paul designed the integration of government labs into corporate technology development with customized legal agreements, financial structures and project management systems that led to the launch of technology partnerships in software, food projects, medical instrumentation, aeronautics, high performance computing, and defense technology commercialization.  StarNet’s current innovation alliance focus is in agriculture/energy efficiency, aviation, and information-systems networking. Paul’s previous professional experience includes line and project management positions in consulting, finance and production firms. Paul is a speaker, trainer and lecturer on the topic of innovation alliances, and the former leader of the National Council of Public/Private Partnerships (NCPPP) forum focusing on public/private innovation alliances. 

Paul holds a BS Economics (Honors) from the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania and an MBA in Finance also from the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.  

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