We use a highly structured seven-step methodology applied with thorough analyses to achieve results.

Each phase is designed to provide information that identifies solutions to our client’s basic innovation and alliance needs.

  1. Value and Feasibility-  Can we achieve our innovation objectives through an alliance? Is the alliance approach feasible?
  2. Organizing Plan-  Do we have a plan to organize the alliance that is internally consistent and can achieve the innovation objectives?
  3. Partners- Do we have compatible partners for our alliance?
  4. Structure-  Do we have the right organization, governance, management and culture for the alliance to succeed?
  5. Business Agreements-  Have we answered and resolved all the business issues necessary to bring the alliance together under appropriate legal agreements?
  6. Operations-  Do we have the right operations structure to support the alliance,  permitting the members to focus on their R&D?
  7. Transition-  Have we prepared for transition to grow or shut down the alliance?

We prepare analyses, alliance plans, draft legal guides and operational guidelines at each phase of the alliance formation. Each analysis permits managers to proceed with a go no-go decision, and provides information directing them to alternative methods to achieve their innovation needs.