We operate as a network of senior professionals around
a core set of beliefs:

  • We are client-driven.  Our job is to make the alliance successful.
  • The alliance is the client. Our job is to make the collective successful.
  • Innovation alliances are different from informal collaborations. Innovation alliances are formal projects, programs and consortia organized to achieve a set of distinct objectives, on time and on budget without dispute. They are vastly different from conferences, workshops, joint papers, joint ventures and IP licensing. Knowing the difference is the key to the payoff.
  • Innovation alliances are not right for every need. Innovation alliances are right for a minority of any organization’s innovation needs. Fundamental investment in R&D projects, licensing and minority investments still meet the majority of any organization’s innovation needs.
  • Innovation alliances are new, but pay off. The field of innovating through alliances is relatively new. Innovation alliances are unique, tough and take time to design, but they generate substantial results.
  • We are a network of experts. Our strength and value lies in our experience and ability to adapt to client needs. Our strength is not in our size or balance sheet.