For Innovation Managers

R&D based innovation fills the “innovation pipeline” required by every organization. The majority of innovation needs will be filled by internal development, licensing, selected outside contracting and one-on-one partnerships. Innovation alliances provide managers with an additional mechanism in those cases where managers must…

  • Increase access to innovation from suppliers, universities, government laboratories
  • Reduce cost and time to development
  • Improve system integration
  • Provide multiple options for the corporate development innovation pipelines

For Corporate Development and Alliance Managers

Many alliances fail to achieve their objectives due to shortcomings in their design and implementation. StarNet applies a body of best practices for alliance design that provides alliance managers with:  

  • Scenario planning for alliance options
  • Improved partner selection
  • Optimized organizational design to maximize R&D tax credits and trust building
  • On call resources for alliance administration’
  • Alternative scenarios for exit or transition into other collaborative organizations
  • Scalable R&D based collaboration capable of developing individual technologies up to industry-wide impacts