White Papers

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  • Assessing Innovation Need and Alliance Feasibility
    The decision to invest and direct resources to an innovation process inherently requires managers of all organizations to assess their innovation web, and determine where to invest resources to achieve their objective, which is stated in terms ranging from specific technologies to business model changes. This white paper describes an assessment approach and methodology for managers in all types of organizations: commercial, government and public benefit (non-profit). It is intended as a primer and reminder of the fundamentals of the innovation alliance profession.
  • Innovation Alliance Model Fundamentals 
    The innovation alliance model is a distinct model for collaborative innovation. The model’s concept is to coordinate all the elements necessary to bring technology based innovation through to adoption, permitting improvements in products, services, capabilities, organizations and competencies. The model is a hybrid between an industry consortia and a public/private partnership. It is distinctly different from university research programs, industry consortia and government programs. This white paper explains the fundamentals of StarNet’s innovation alliance approach.
  • Intellectual Property Allocation and Valuation in Innovation Alliances
    Every innovation alliance must generate some form of intellectual property that directly or indirectly achieves all the stakeholder objectives. The correct design of intellectual property production, allocation and valuation is key to a successful collaboration. This white paper explains the fundamentals of StarNet’s approach to intellectual property definitions, allocation and valuation for R&D collaborations.
  • Innovation Alliance Model for Economic Development 
    StarNet’s innovation alliance model can applied to maximize the output and job formation of economic development “innovation clusters”. This white paper explains the fundamentals of StarNet’s approach to applying the innovation alliance model to implement economic development innovation clusters.
  • Fundamentals of Technology Driven Innovation 
    An understanding of the fundamentals behind technology driven innovation is core to choosing among the different models for collaborative innovation. This white paper explains StarNet’s integration of the definitions, concepts and application of technology driven innovation.