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StarNet Expertise

  • Strategic Alignment: User driven strategic planning and technology scenarios, technology roadmaps, technology investment annual plans, standards development organization (SDO) engagement


  • Shared Governance and Membership: Commercial versus government governance, membership rights and obligations options, new member entrance cost buy-ins, low cost supplier access membership for supply chain alignment


  • Legal Vehicles: Technology sharing versus technology transfer agreements, partnership versus multi-party alliance agreements, specialized authorities for multi-sector membership agreements: commercial, university, non-profit, Federal government, regional government, foreign corporations

  • Intellectual Property: Joint ownership, common licensing, cross-licensing, gated licenses for supply chain alignment, exclusive commercial licenses, Federal government rights and restrictions, Federal five-year FOIA exemption

  • Cost Sharing & R&D Tax Credit Optimization: Government funding, commercial in-kind cost sharing, R&D tax credit optimization, Federal strategic innovation program access, e.g. advanced manufacturing, advanced materials, Federal innovation funding, e.g. STTR, program funding, specialized regional EDA program funds


  • Independent Management & Administration: Utilize GAAP versus GAAS based accounting, independent audits of financial and IP performance, technology commercialization tracking for public good reporting


  • Policy Positioning: Strategic positioning and value propositions to minimize funding & management changes and optimize technology commercialization and standards setting

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