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StarNet Services

Organizations that follow an alliance design and management process have a higher success rate than those following an intuitive or ad hoc process. StarNet offers networked services designed to support your organization’s leadership of a innovation alliance.


  • Strategic Innovation Alliance Design

    • Charter

    • Plan

    • Organization

    • Governance

    • Management

    • Membership Rights & Responsibilities 

    • Administration

  • Strategic Alignment Facilitation

  • Intellectual Property Optimization

  • Cost-Sharing Optimization

  • Governance and Management Control Systems Design

  • Legal Vehicle Selection

  • Accounting and Independent Audits

  • Policy Analysis, Public Outreach and Positioning



  • Strategic Innovation Alliances: Benefits, detriments, strategic fit 

  • Strategic Innovation Alliance Design: Organization, governance, organization, membership rights & responsibilities, management, administration

  • Legal Options: Range of legal mechanisms, types of agreements, mechanisms for membership solicitation, enforcement

  • Intellectual Property: IP rights and obligations by type of project and agreements, FOIA exemptions, open, gated and exclusive licenses, valuation, march-in rights

  • Funding & Cost Sharing: Federal and state funding sources, cost-sharing requirements, R&D tax credit optimization, in-kind cost sharing guidelines, valuation methodologies, GAAP vs. GAAS accounting, reporting,

  • Management and Administration: Executive management, systems engineering and integration management, minimal reporting guidelines, public versus private meeting guidelines, membership designs, online reporting protection, security and identity methods

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