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StarNet LLC

A professional services network specializing in design & management of innovation alliances

Written in collaboration by: Paul A. Masson, StarNet, LLC & Kenneth Ross, KRG Global Consultants LLC

A comprehensive understanding of past financial successes and failures to adopt new technology can provide investors with the tools to properly select and price technology driven companies that are bringing new or improved products and services to targeted markets. This understanding permits the investor to minimize risk and judge where new technology can be monetized. Read more...

  • R&D Alliances

  • Open Innovation

  • Innovation Ecosystems

  • Collaborative Innovation

  •  State Cooperative Technology Programs 

  • Regional Innovation Strategies

  • Innovation Clusters

  • Regional Technology Parks

  • Industry Research Consortia

  • Engineering Research Centers

  • Research & Technology Parks

  • Innovation Partnership Programs (I-PPP)

  • Federal Lab Partnerships

  • University / Industry Cooperative Programs

  • Federal R&D Consortia

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