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How is WARP Speed an Innovation Public/Private Partnership (I-PPP)?

A Coordinated Investment Partnership

The WARP Speed public/private partnership has three parts: research support, manufacturing and distribution. The intent is to cover all phases of the innovation cycle (TRL) from basic research through to distribution capacity necessary for public health. Many companies, but not Pfizer, accepted funding for the research portion. The Federal government is also investing in manufacturing and distribution systems that are available to any US participating company.

No Definition for Public/Private Partnership

There is no formal definition of a "public/private partnership", so checking the details is always necessary. In the case of WARP Speed, it's best described as a coordinating partnership, with the primary Federal role being investment in basic research.

Federal Investment In Research Is a Long Term Practice, But Investing In Manufacturing Invokes WWII Practice

Federal investment in basic research has been the US policy since the late 1940's. What is distinct about the WARP Speed is the Federal investment in manufacturing and distribution systems. While this is very different than policy across recent administrations, it repeats the US practice from both World War I and World War II, in which the Federal government cost-shared the investment in manufacturing and distribution systems.


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